Founded in 1964, our photography major is the best photography education institution in Korea with 56 years of history. The alumni of this major fill more than 50 percent of Korean photography-related teachers, and based on this, Chung-Ang University's photography major is at the forefront of Korean photography education. In addition, we are producing the most number of working-level staff in our major to various media including Korea's leading broadcasters and newspapers. In the IT field, various media such as Daum Communication were founded by our photography alumni. The power of this major has not stopped here, but it has also influenced the development of the Korean film industry by producing many excellent film directors.

In Anseong Campus with beautiful nature, our photography department has 600 pyeong of practical space. Various welfare policies are being implemented to ensure a smooth environment for students, while the campus village near the school leads the student culture by providing various cultural and university life.


Chung-Ang University's College of Arts is a comprehensive arts university that aims to be the best in Korea in terms of size and education. Students of this major are educated under a whole education system that allows them to learn not only in photography but also in other fields such as film, literature, art and music. By doing so, our photography students are interacting with all art fields and building academic and cultural capabilities. In addition, through exchanges with universities worldwide such as Germany's Bauhaus, Bielefeld, BTK and Finland's Tampere University, students are improving their international perspectives.

Chung-Ang University majoring in photography has the best students in the field of entertainment in Korean entertainment. This can be seen in the results of many years of college entrance exams. The highest level of students has been by far the source of the most prestigious. Our photography major is responding to the upcoming global era by launching native language courses and internationalization programs to become the best photography major in the world.


The 21st century is an age of high-tech photography. The educational goal of this department is to provide photography education that can play a leading role in the information age that is dominated by images. To achieve this, basic photography theory education and hands-on practice are solidified, and based on this, major education is divided into fine art photography, advertising photography and digital media. On-the-job training that can be used in industrial sites is important, and academy education is faithfully continued to continue the history of prestigious departments. The goal of the department of photography is to enhance advanced digital photography education and to be at the forefront in the information age.

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