1. Basic photography education places importance on functional parts and further fosters artistic sensibility.

  2. Fine art photography develops creativity through photography theory and practices for the education of photographic media in the context of contemporary art.

  3. Digital media major can actively utilize digital media in all areas of photography and produce video and digital photo creations based on multimedia education.

  4. Advertising photography major focuses on practical education, which emphasizes field capabilities.


Prospective Career

Fine Art Photography

Photographers, video artists, film directors, journalists and broadcast journalists, CF directors, cinematographers, video designers, publishing and magazine companies, photojournalists, broadcasting stations, corporate public relations personnel, and professors.

Digital Media

Newspaper photographers, webzines, camera companies, webmasters, broadcasting station reporters, video journalists, digital output, electronic shopping malls, digital camera sales, video editing, and image shops. Multimedia production, web production, public relations office, broadcasting station, Internet broadcasting station, mobile content production, video designer, professor, video artist.

Advertising Photography

Fashion and advertising photographers, publishers and magazine companies, editing designers, fashion photographers, self-young studios, design planning offices, computer graphics, corporate PR agents, general advertising agency art directors and AE, editing designers, fashion photographers, professors, photographers, design planning offices, and advertising designers.